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Account Services

Once a seller agrees to loan money to a buyer, an arrangement must be made to maintain monthly accountability. AmeriTitle serves as the contract-servicing intermediary. In this role, we are responsible for the following:

  • We service accounts and process payments. This includes calculating interest each month, collecting monthly payments and making disbursements to the seller.
  • We provide regulatory protection by maintaining compliance with all federal (IRS) and state regulations.
  • Account management and reporting is immediately accessible via our Web site for reviewing account balance information.

Secure login to separate collections site:

Please contact your account representative for questions regarding your account. For Klamath Falls accounts please contact Carol, Twila or Pam at 888-842-6235 or email us at If your account is serviced by our Roseburg office please contact Kim at 541-672-3427 or the Idaho office please contact Patty at 208-414-1792.

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